At work in my home-based studio

The story behind "My kind of JEWELLERY"

Why and how
After “retiring” from a 30+ year career as a teacher and post-secondary administrator, I began to explore new interests. When health problems limited my mobility, I was drawn to an activity where I could learn new skills, and apply them in a limited space to produce something with a wide ranging appeal.

This led me to jewellery making. I created a small, but well equipped home studio. Working with hand tools, often using age-old techniques, challenged my mind, hand and eye. I learned everything I could from many excellent books, a few generous craftspeople, and our latest learning opportunity, the Internet.

Currently I use mostly silver metal sheet and wire. Most of my work is with sterling silver (approx. 92.% silver/ 8% copper). With sterling silver I often I use a technique called “reticulation” to add texture. This also prepares the silver for the application of very thin layers of 24kt gold. This latter process is called “keum boo”. I also use “fine” or “pure” (99.9%) silver or a more recent product called argentium silver for special projects.

Sometimes I use sheets of copper or bronze for variety and different effects.

My work sometimes incorporates stones - from beach pebbles to semi-precious gems.

My most gratifying work is to create one unique piece at a time, with no particular desire to duplicate.

I strive to create pieces that reflect a wide appreciation of life, including my fascination with the phenomenal forms and designs found in nature. But I also genuinely admire many forms and styles of art, especially work produced by the artisan’s own hands.